Fables Part 5

The Hare and the Tortoise

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Заяц (H)
Черепаха (T)
Лягушка (F)
Белка (S)
Мышь (M)

Реквизит: старт и финиш (плакаты, лента), костюмы персонажей.

H: Hello, forest people! Let's run a race with me! We shall run round the wood. Will you run with me, frog?
F: No, not I. I can't run so fast.
H: And you, Squirrel?
S: Oh, no, you run faster than me.
H: What about you, mouse?
M: Oh, no, I can't run with you.
H: You don’t want to run because you know that I’m the best runner in the wood!
T: I'd like to run with you.
H: But you are so slow!
T: Let's start the race.
H: All right. (to the public) What a silly tortoise! I run much faster than she does.

F, S, M: Ready! Steady! Go!
(The hare and the tortoise start running; the tortoise falls behind.)
H: (looks back) Where is that slow tortoise? I can't even see her. But it's very hot today. I think I can have a little nap. (The hare lies down and falls asleep; the tortoise passes him.)

H: (wakes up) What's the time? Oh, I'm late! I must run very-very fast!
F, S, M: Hooray! Hooray! The tortoise is the first!
H: (runs up) What's this? Who's the first?
T: It's me! I'm the first!
H: (to the public) But why, with my wonderful legs, I'm not the first?

The Cat and the Bird

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Кошка (C)
Птичка (B)

Реквизит: стул (изображающий дерево), костюмы персонажей.

C: Good morning, little bird! Come down the tree! We shall play!
B: Oh, no, Mr Cat, I'm afraid that you can eat me.
C: Don't you know that all animals and birds are friends now? Let's play together!
B: Oh, I didn't know that. But I like it here, high up in the tree. I can see a beautiful river and green fields. Now I can see a lot of dogs. They are running here.
C: Dogs? Did you say "dogs"? Goodbye, little bird. I must run away.
B: Why? Don't you know that all animals and birds are friends now?