Fables Part 4

The Ant and the Grasshopper

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Муравей (A)
Кузнечик (G)

Реквизит: фон, изображающий смену времён года (например, лист ватмана с рисунками на обоих сторонах), вязанка хвороста или другой груз для муравья, костюмы персонажей.

(background: summer, sun)
G: Hello, Ant! What a beautiful day! Listen to my song!
A: (carrying a heavy load) Oh, no, I'm very busy. I'm working.
G: Why are you working so hard?
A: I must make a house and gather food. When winter comes, I'll be warm and have something to eat.
G: Winter won't come soon.
A: We shall see. Goodbye, Grasshopper.
G: Goodbye.
(background: winter, snow)
G: Oh, please, Ant, help me! I'm cold, I have nothing to eat.
A: And what did you do in summer? Did you work?
G: Oh, no, I sang songs all day long.
A: Really? You sang, didn't you? Now go and dance!

The Lion and the Mouse

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Лев (L)
Мышь (M)

Реквизит: сеть, игрушечная мышь (необязательно), костюмы персонажей.

M: Squeak! Squeak!
L: Who's making that noise? (catches the mouse) Oh, it's a mouse!
M: Oh, Mr Lion, please, don't eat me! Let me go! Some day I may help you!
L: Ha-ha! Silly mouse! How can you help me? You are so little! All right, you may go.
M: Thank you, Mr Lion! Goodbye!

(the lion's leg is in the net. He can't get free.)
L: Help! Help! (the mouse runs to him)
M: What's the matter?
L: My leg is in the net. I can't get free.
M: I can help you.
L: Oh, Mouse, you are too little! You can't help me!
M: Yes, I can! I'll bite the net. (bites the net)
L: Now I can get my leg out!
M: You laughed at me, but, you see, sometimes a mouse can help a lion.
L: Now I understand it. Thank you very much!