Fables Part 3

The Monkey and the Glasses

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Мартышка (M)
Доктор (D)

Реквизит: небьющиеся очки или оправа, костюмы персонажей.

M: Good morning, doctor!
D: Good morning, Monkey! What can I do for you?
M: I am old and I can't see well. Can you help me?
D: Yes, I can. (examines the monkey's eyes) You must wear glasses. Here are good glasses for you.
M: Thank you, doctor! Goodbye!
D: Goodbye! (goes away)
M: Now I have glasses. But where shall I put them? On my neck? (puts the glasses on her neck) No, I can't see better. On my tail, then? … No, it doesn't help. On my hand? … On my leg? …Oh, I know! I must eat them! (tries to eat) No, I can't eat them. What shall I do with them? They don't help me at all! Bad glasses! (throws them down) I'll never go to the doctor again.

The Monkey and the Mirror

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Мартышка (M)
Медведь (B)

Реквизит: зеркало (можно сделать бутафорское с использованием фольги), костюмы персонажей.

M: Hello, Bear!
B: Hello, Monkey!
M: Look, Bear, what I've got!
B: What's this?
M: I don't know, but you can see a very funny monkey in it. Some of my friends look like her. What a silly face! I'm glad I don't look like that!
B: If you are going to laugh at your friends, you must look at yourself first.
M: Why should I?
B: Because in the mirror you see your face, not your friend's!
M: You are wrong, Bear. I look much nicer. Goodbye!
B: (to the audience) It's a pity, but she didn't understand me.

Two Friends and the Bear

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Первый друг (1F)
Второй друг (2F)
Медведь (B) (роль без слов)

Реквизит: костюмы персонажей.

1F: Our village is still very far away.
2F: Let's walk through the wood. It's not so hot there.
1F: But in the wood we can meet a bear, and we haven't got a gun.
2F: We don't need a gun. Bears are cowardly animals. I can beat a bear with one hand! If the bear sees me, he will run away!
1F: All right, let's walk through the wood. (a bear comes out)
2F: What's that? Oh, a bear! Help! Help! (runs away)
1F: What shall I do? I'll lie down and the bear will think I'm dead. (lies down, the bear sniffs him and goes away)
2F: What did the bear say to you?
1F: He said that someone who leaves his friend in need isn't a good man. He is a coward.