Fables Part 2

The Fox and the Crane

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Лиса (F)
Журавль (С)

Реквизит: тарелка, кувшин с высоким узким горлышком, костюмы персонажей.

F: Good morning, Mr Crane!
C: Good morning, Mrs Fox!
F: Your long legs and bill look very nice.
C: Thank you, Mrs Fox. I like your red coat very much. It looks beautiful.
F: I'm so pleased to meet you. Come and have dinner with me, Mr Crane.
C: Thank you very much.
F: Here's a plate of soup for you, Mr Crane!
C: (to the public) It's a pity, but my nose is too thin. I can't eat soup out of a plate.
F: Well, did you like the soup, Mr Crane? It was very tasty.
C: Thank you. (to the public) She saw that I couldn't eat the soup. She is sly and greedy, and she laughs at me. But I'll teach her a lesson. (to the fox) Dear Mrs Fox, come and have dinner with me tomorrow!
F: Thank you! I'll certainly come.
(next day)
F: Oh, I'm so hungry! What does Mr Crane have for dinner?
C: Good afternoon, Mr Fox! Have some fish! There are a lot of little fish in the jar.
F: (tries to get the fish) It's a pity, but I can't get any fish. This jar is too high.
C: Did you like the dinner, Mrs Fox? Did you enjoy the fish? Have dinner with me tomorrow!
F: Oh, no, I'll never have dinner with you again.
C: Remember, Mrs Fox, if you want people to be good to you, you must be good to them.

The Little Dog and the Elephant

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Первая собака (1D)
Вторая собака (2D)
Слон (роль без слов)

Реквизит: костюмы персонажей.

1D: (runs after the elephant) Bow-wow-wow! Bow-wow-wow!
2D: Why are you making so much noise? You are a naughty little dog!
1D: Why? Don't you understand?
2D: No, I don't.
1D: Look there! Do you see that big and strong animal?
2D: Of course, I see him. It's an elephant.
1D: Well, I'm barking at him.
2D: But the elephant doesn't even look at you.
1D: It doesn't matter. But the other dogs will think that I am very strong and brave because I bark at the elephant. Bow-wow-wow! (runs after the elephant)