Домашнее чтение


A. Look through the six stories by Rudyard Kipling you have read. In all of them some changes happen to the characters.

  1. In which stories do the characters want some change?
  2. In which stories do the changes happen as a result of punishment?
  3. In which stories do the characters change themselves because they understand it is important?
  4. In which stories do they try to return to what they used to look like?
  5. Which of the changes is unpleasant for the characters?
  6. Which of the changes is useful?

B. Write your own tale about an animal whose appearance changed. Use the following questions.

  1. What is the setting of the tale (time, place)?
  2. Who is the main character?
  3. What does the main character look like at the beginning of the tale?
  4. What is the main character like? Which qualities are important for the future change?
  5. What is the main character's problem? What difficulties does he meet?
  6. Who or what is his antagonist? Why does the antagonist behave like that?
  7. Are there any moments of suspense (when you worry about the characters and want to know what will happen next)?
  8. How does the main character change? Why? Is it a useful or an unpleasant change?
  9. Is there any repetition (like in traditional tales)?
  10. What is the main idea of the tale?
  11. What lesson does the tale teach?