Домашнее чтение

Сказки для чтения на уроках английского языка в 4-5 классах (3-4 год обучения).

Последовательность текстов и заданий - от простого к сложному. Задания ориентированы на понимание содержания сказок. Дети учатся находить проблему, характеризовать героев, высказывать своё мнение, кратко пересказывать сюжет. В дополнительных заданиях можно почерпнуть идеи для творческого развития учеников.


The Rabbit and the Bear

One day the rabbit was sitting in the forest under a big tree. He was eating nuts. Suddenly a hungry bear came out of the bushes.

"Grr!" the bear growled. "Rabbit! I am going to eat you for dinner!"

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The Timid Hare

A hare lived in the forest. He was very timid.

One day the hare came to the crane. He knew that the crane could make different things.

"Hello, Crane," said the hare.

"Hello, Hare."

"Can you make the teeth of a lion for me?"

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The Honest Woodcutter

Once there lived an old woodcutter. Every day he went to the wood to cut down trees. He worked hard, but he was a poor man. His house was the oldest and the smallest in the village.

One day the woodcutter dropped his axe into a deep river.

"What shall I do? How can I work now?" he cried.

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The Lamb and the Wolf

One day a little lamb lost his way in a dark forest. He ran here and there, but he couldn't find his way home. He was scared and began to bleat.

A hungry wolf heard him. The wolf was happy to see such a good dinner.

"Oh, Mr. Wolf," said the little lamb, "please, show me the way home."

"Show you the way home?" asked the wolf, and laughed: "I am hungry. I want to eat you."

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The Elephant and the Monkey

One day an elephant said to a monkey: "Look how big and strong I am! I can carry a very big tree. I am glad I am strong."

"Look how quick I am! I can run quickly, and I can climb a tree very quickly!" said the monkey. "And I am glad I am quick."

But which is better: a strong animal or a quick animal? They did not know. They argued, and each of them thought he was better.

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