Crossword "Town life, Home" (4 класс, учебник Верещагиной)

Кроссворд был составлен для повторения лексики к разделам "Town life" и "The рlace we live in" учебника английского языка за 4 класс (авторов Верещагиной и Афанасьевой). В кроссворд вошли разные части речи (существительные, прилагательные, предлоги и т.д.). Определения к кроссворду составлены в соответствии со словарным запасом учеников.

В разделе "развлечения" Вы также можете найти большое количество ребусов с новыми словами из вышеуказанных разделов учебника за 4 класс.


1. It is bigger than a town. A lot of people live there.
2. This word is the opposite of "near".
4. This word is a colour.
5. Tables, chairs, beds, and cupboards are ...... .
6. This word is the opposite of "upstairs".
7. The man who rules a country and lives in a palace.
8. It is usually the smallest room in a flat.
10. This word is the opposite of "in front of".
11. A hundred years.
14. A comfortable thing in which you can sit and read or watch TV.
16. A building where people go to watch plays or operas.
18. A small thing with which you can lock and unlock the door.
21. A place where people can grow fruit, vegetables or flowers.
24. A very tall plant with a lot of leaves.
25. It is hot and can burn you.


3. The ...... lights in the street tell cars and people to go or to stop.
6. When it is ...... you can't see well because there is little or no light.
9. This word is the opposite of "clean".
12. This word is the opposite of "on".
13. This is a building where people watch films.
15. The ...... room is a room where you meet your friends, watch TV or read books.
17. A thing in the kitchen where people wash the dishes.
19. This word is the opposite of "last".
20. It is made of bronze or stone. It is put to remember a famous person.
22. If you are ...... of spiders or rats, you shout and run away when you see them.
23. This is a person who knows how to build houses, bridges or roads.
26. Some people eat in the ...... room.
27. This word is the opposite of "cheap".
28. When you ...... , you say "Yes", "That's right" or "That's true."
29. This word is the opposite of "always".

form 4 units 3, 4

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