Crossword puzzle "Halloween"

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2. a star with five points often used as a magic symbol
3. the time when evil spirits are most active
4. the mysterious power that makes impossible things happen
5. an area of darkness created when something blocks light
6. trick or ...... is a children's Halloween custom of visiting homes and asking for sweets
7. a dead person brought back to life by a supernatural force
9. a reanimated dead creature that sucks the blood of sleeping people
11. a small frightening creature with eight legs
15. the season when Halloween is celebrated
16. a small domesticated animal usually accompanying a witch
17. the bones of the head
19. a very frightening and unpleasant dream
21. the spirit of a dead person that someone sees or hears
23. a wicked woman who has supernatural powers
24. an area of ground where dead people are buried
25. one of the hard parts that form a frame inside the human or animal
26. a large round metal container used to mix up things for magic spells
27. the person that becomes a wolf when there is a full moon
31. the abbreviation RIP means "...... in peace"
33. a bird with big eyes and a small sharp beak that hunts at night
34. an animal like a large mouse with a long tail
35. the most powerful evil spirit


1. a large round orange vegetable
4. you wear it to hide your face
8. a large bird with shiny black feathers
10. it stands on the place where someone was buried and usually shows the name and dates of birth and death
12. a long, low, sad sound made by the wind or by a ghost
13. a small animal that looks like a mouse with wings
14. a thin stick that is used to do supernatural things
17. a very loud high cry you make when you are frightened
18. Jack-o'-...... is an empty pumpkin with a face cut into it and a light inside
20. one of the sharp long pointed teeth
22. a long loud sound that wolves and similar animals make
25. a witch rides through the air on it
28. a large and frightening creature
29. a ...... house is a place often visited by spirits of dead people
30. a net of thin sticky threads made to catch insects
32. a strong feeling of shock or fear
36. the place where a dead body is buried in the ground
37. Halloween is on the 31st of ......
38. an inner structure that supports a human or animal body
39. a large box in which a dead person is buried

Halloween crossword

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