Crossword puzzle "On the beach"

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1. a type of umbrella that provides protection from the sun
4. equipment that provides air for breathing under water
5. the way that the level of the sea regularly rises and falls during the day
6. you wear them to protect your eyes when the sun is bright
7. the star in the sky that provides light and warmth to the Earth
8. a container with a handle, used for carrying water or sand
10. a round piece of plastic thrown between players in a game
11. a small sea animal with five or more arms
12. the dark colour of your skin when you have spent time in the sun
15. a shelled sea animal with ten legs and two large claws
18. someone whose job is to save swimmers who are in danger
20. a piece of land completely surrounded by water
21. a light folding chair for sitting on the beach
22. a large fish with sharp teeth, that may attack people
25. the process in which the sea level becomes lower
26. a large white and black or grey bird that lives near the sea
29. a piece of cloth used for drying yourself after bathing
31. a toy that children use for digging in sand
32. a structure built out into the sea for walking up to boats
33. loose material in grains produced by the natural breaking up of rocks

2. something you wear to protect part of your face from water
3. an animal that lives in water and breathes through gills
5. men's shorts worn for swimming and other sports
6. a structure built of wet sand, usually by children on a beach
9. a hill of sand that is formed by the wind near a beach
10. a thin flat part of a fish's body or a wide flat rubber shoe used for swimming
13. a tropical tree with large wide leaves that often grows on a beach
14. a tower with a light at the top used to show ships where to go
16. a long narrow board that you stand or lie on to ride waves
17. a small stone made smooth by water
19. a very brief, close-fitting two-piece bathing suit worn by women
22. the hard outer part that protects the body of a sea creature
23. a green or brown plant that grows on the sea
24. tall thin plants that grow near water
27. a large piece of stone that rises up from the ground or from under sea
28. a small covered canoe with a point at each end
30. a small vehicle that people use for travelling on water
31. a very large area of salt water
33. a piece of clothing worn by women for swimming
34. a long line of rock or coral in the sea
35. a breathing tube extending above the surface of the water

on the beach crossword

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