Crossword puzzle "Means of transport"

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1. a heavy vehicle with a large open container at the front used for moving earth and stones
2. a very large vehicle used for carrying people or goods across seas and oceans
3. a long narrow boat that you push through the water using a paddle
4. a small vehicle that people use for travelling on water
6. a large road vehicle used for carrying goods
8. a vehicle that is pulled by animals and used for travelling over snow
9. a long narrow vehicle that travels along metal tracks in the middle of a street and is used as public transport
10. a vehicle used on farms, for example, to pull machines
11. a large strong bag filled with gas or hot air that can float in the air and carry people in a basket
13. a vehicle with two wheels that you ride by pushing pedals with your feet
14. a road vehicle for one driver and a few passengers
18. a railway with carriages that are pulled up a steep slope by a cable
19. a ship that can travel both on the surface of the water and under water
21. a large expensive boat that is used for racing or sailing
22. a car that can drive over all types of land, often used as a military vehicle
25. a group of railway vehicles that are connected and pulled by an engine
27. a vehicle used for carrying goods, smaller than a truck, with the back part enclosed, with no windows at the sides

5. an aircraft with wings and at least one engine
7. a vehicle that can move on both land and water, raising itself above the surface by blowing air downwards
8. a vehicle with an engine and two small wheels
10. a large truck that carries petrol or oil
12. a vehicle for taking people to hospital
15. an aircraft with large metal blades on top that spin and lift it into the air
16. a long comfortable vehicle for carrying a large number of passengers, especially on long journeys
17. a simple flat boat made by tying long pieces of wood together
20. a vessel for carrying people and cars that makes short regular journeys between two or more places
23. a large road vehicle used as public transport, that takes you fairly short distances and stops frequently
24. a road vehicle that has two wheels and an engine
26. a vehicle that people can live and travel in on holiday, usually towed by a car
28. a system of public transport consisting of trains that can travel in tunnels below a city
29. a large car used for carrying a dead person in a coffin

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