Crossword puzzle "Health and Medicine"

Кроссворд по теме "Медицина и здоровье" предназначен для уроков английского языка в средней и старшей школе. Кроссворд для разгадывания онлайн перенесён на сайт http://time4crosswords.webtm.ru.

Поскольку кроссворд составлен в текстовом редакторе в виде таблицы, его можно изменить (убрать неизвестные ученикам слова или заменить их другими).

Формулировки заданий к кроссворду составлены в виде определений. Вы можете заменить определения переводом с родного языка, а также составить свой кроссворд в зависимости от уровня Ваших учеников, воспользовавшись программами для составления кроссвордов.
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  1. a swollen area on your skin full of liquid caused by being rubbed or burned
  2. a small solid piece of medicine that you swallow with water
  3. a limited range or amount of food that someone eats to improve their health
  4. an infectious disease which is like a bad cold but more serious; influenza
  5. a sudden movement of a muscle which you cannot control, especially in your face, usually because of a nervous illness
  6. a doctor whose job is to perform medical operations
  7. 1) a substance that doctors put into someone's body to treat a medical problem 2) an illegal substance that affects someone physically or mentally
  8. a sharp feeling of suffering that you have in a part of your body when you are hurt or become ill
  9. someone whose job is to treat people who are ill
  10. safe from a disease, because you cannot be infected by it
  11. an injury that you get when something hot touches your skin
  12. a statement about what disease someone has
  13. a situation in which a disease spreads very quickly and infects many people
  14. a sign that someone has an illness
  15. the process of putting a drug into your body through the skin using a needle
  16. the measurement of how hot your body is
  17. a vehicle for taking people to hospital
  18. a serious illness caused by being bitten by a mosquito
  19. a shop that sells medicines
  20. a damage in the body, especially made by a weapon, such as a gun or knife
  21. a pain in one or more of your teeth
  22. a substance that you take to treat an illness
  23. to say what medicine or treatment a sick person should have
  24. a painful inflammation of the throat, especially tonsils, caused by bacterial infection and often accompanied by fever
  25. the regular beating of blood as the heart pumps it round the body
  26. 1) not well, having a disease; 2) throwing up what is in the stomach, vomiting
  27. red spots on the skin caused by an illness
  28. the activity of looking after someone who needs help.


  1. the red liquid that flows through the body
  2. a small sharp knife used by a doctor for doing an operation
  3. a place where people stay when they are ill or injured and need a lot of care
  4. a break or crack in a bone
  5. a building or part of a hospital where people go to receive a particular kind of treatment
  6. to force air through your throat with a sudden noise, especially when you have a cold
  7. a disease that mainly affects children in which the neck becomes swollen and painful
  8. someone who is trained to look after ill or injured people, usually in a hospital
  9. physical damage done to a person or a part of their body
  10. an infectious disease, caught especially by children, in which the skin is covered with red spots
  11. a long narrow piece of material for tying round the part of the body that has been hurt
  12. someone whose job is to examine and treat people's teeth
  13. to become fit and healthy again after an illness or injury
  14. a serious infectious disease, caught especially by children, that destroys muscles and can cause paralysis
  15. (Am.E. spelling) suffering from a condition in which there are too few red cells in the blood
  16. an instrument that measures temperature
  17. a mark remaining on the skin from a wound, cut, etc.
  18. a needle fitted to a plastic tube, used for taking blood from your body of for putting medicine into it 19. the state of having a disease, or a period of being ill
  19. a kind of hospital where people who are getting better after a serious illness can go for treatment and rest
  20. a medicine that you take to get more energy and feel healthier, especially after you have been ill or working too hard
  21. to use medicine or medical methods to cure an illness
  22. someone who is receiving a medical treatment
  23. a medical condition in which you become sick or your skin becomes covered with red marks as a reaction to something you eat, breathe or touch
  24. to look carefully at your body to check if you are healthy
  25. an infectious disease common in children in which there are red spots all over the body and a high temperature
  26. painful and uncomfortable, usually as a result of an injury, infection or too much exercise
  27. to make someone who is ill become healthy
  28. a pain in your head

health and medicine crossword
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