Crossword puzzle "Plants"

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  1. the watery juice carrying food, chemical products, etc., through a plant
  2. a round root of certain plants, e.g. tulips
  3. a small soft fruit, usually with seeds
  4. a sharp point that sticks out from the stem of a plant
  5. a tree or plant that does not lose its leaves in winter
  6. the leaves of a plant or tree
  7. a dry fruit with a seed inside a hard shell
  8. one of the coloured parts around the centre of a flower
  9. the strong outer covering of a tree
  10. the flower of a fruit tree or bush or a mass of such flowers on a tree
  11. a plant used for adding flavour to food or in medicine
  12. a small very thin branch from a tree or bush
  13. a sticky substance that comes from some trees
  14. a thin leafless curling part of some plants that joins onto things and helps to support the plant
  15. a very common plant with thin green leaves that covers the ground
  16. an unwanted wild plant which prevents crops or garden flowers from growing properly
  17. a green plant with leaves shaped like feathers and no flowers
  18. a young tightly rolled-up flower or leaf before it opens


  1. a low bush with several woody stems
  2. a seed of various plants, especially one from which food or drink can be made, e.g. coffee or cocoa
  3. flat green part of a plant that is joined to its stem or branch
  4. the part of a plant that grows into the soil in search of food and water
  5. the sweet liquid collected by bees from flowers
  6. the part of a plant, often beautiful and coloured, that produces seeds or fruit
  7. a powder produced by flowers which is carried by wind or insects to other flowers so that they can produce new seeds
  8. the nut of the oak tree
  9. the central part of a plant above the ground
  10. a part of a tree that grows from its trunk
  11. the fruit of a pine of fir tree
  12. a tall plant with a wooden trunk and branches that lives for many years
  13. part of a tree or bush that contains seeds and is often eaten for its sweet flesh
  14. a long narrow seed container of various plants, e.g. beans or peas
  15. a very small object, produced by some plants, e.g. ferns, and able to develop into a new plant
  16. a plant that is grown for food, e.g. cabbage or carrot
  17. a small hard object produced by most plants, from which a new plant can grow, and which is used for planting
  18. a very thin sharp leaf that grows on some trees, e.g. pines and firs

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