Crossword puzzle "Character traits"

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  1. This person doesn't like to share information with other people.
  2. This person is always pleasant and helpful towards other people. He easily makes friends.
  3. This person is boring. He is not intelligent.
  4. This person doesn't tell lies and he never cheats.
  5. This person is pleasant, people like him.
  6. This person is happy and energetic.
  7. This person is able to wait for a long time without getting angry.
  8. This person doesn't feel shy or frightened. He believes in his own abilities.
  9. This person doesn't care about other people. He thinks only about himself.
  10. This person thinks about other people and considers their needs to be important.
  11. This person likes doing new and exciting things and going to unusual places.
  12. This person behaves in an angry way, often argues with people or attacks them.
  13. This person doesn't talk much and doesn't make much noise.
  14. This person likes sharing things and giving presents to other people.
  15. This person is relaxed. He doesn't get excited or show strong emotions.
  16. This person doesn't like to work.
  17. This person is clean and always puts things away in the right places.
  18. This person is not afraid of difficult or dangerous situations. He is courageous.
  19. This person easily understands other people's emotions.


  1. This person is interested in everything that happens around him, and wants to find out about different things.
  2. This person enjoys talking a lot in a friendly way.
  3. This person behaves towards others in a pleasant way and doesn't forget to say "please" and "thank you".
  4. This person enjoys being with other people.
  5. This person feels worried or anxious and easily gets excited. He doesn't feel relaxed.
  6. This person is good at learning and understanding things.
  7. This person likes doing things on his own. He doesn't like asking for help.
  8. This person wants more money, things, or power than he needs.
  9. This person cares about other people and wants to help them.
  10. This person puts a lot of effort into his work.
  11. This person supports his friends even in difficult times and never betrays them.
  12. This person doesn't often worry and never really gets angry.
  13. This person always says what he really means. He isn't double-faced.
  14. This person is impolite. He tries to offend other people by his speech or behaviour.
  15. This person enjoys causing pain to other people or making them unhappy or upset.
  16. This person is determined to become successful, rich, famous, etc.
  17. This person often becomes unhappy or angry for no particular reason.
  18. This person doesn't like meeting new people and hates going to parties.
  19. This person has a lot of imagination and new ideas.

сharacter traits crossword
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