Crossword puzzle "Theatre"

Кроссворд по теме "Театр" предназначен для уроков английского языка в средней и старшей школе. Интерактивный вариант кроссворда размещён на сайте http://time4crosswords.webtm.ru.

Задание к кроссворду дано в виде определений, взятых из различных словарей. Вы можете изменить определения в соответствии со словарным запасом учеников, а также предложить изображение театрального зала, на котором обозначить цифрами ряд упомянутых в кроссворде театральных терминов.

Поскольку кроссворд составлен в текстовом редакторе в виде таблицы, его можно изменить (убрать неизвестные ученикам слова или заменить их другими). Кроме того, можно составить свой кроссворд в зависимости от уровня Ваших учеников, воспользовавшись программами для составления кроссвордов. Подробнее о двух таких программах: EclipseCrossword, Hot Potatoes.


  1. The person who directs the musicians.
  2. The character played by a particular actor.
  3. An upper floor in a theatre which sticks out over the main floor.
  4. A composition in verse or prose, especially one telling a serious story, designed for the theatre.
  5. The …… man – the main (most important) actor in a play.
  6. The place in a theatre which you pay for and where you sit.
  7. A journey in which a group of actors visits several different places in order to play.
  8. The sound that tells the people in the theatre that it is time to begin the play.
  9. All the performers in a particular play.
  10. An upper section of a theatre where the seats are the cheapest.
  11. A theatrical presentation of a play before an audience.
  12. A person, whose job is to show people where to sit at the theatre.
  13. A practice session during which the director works with the actors and crew, preparing a play for production.
  14. A theatrical representation of a story that is performed to music by trained dancers.
  15. A large area close to the entrance inside the theatre.
  16. The area where actors perform.
  17. Seats in the forward part of the lowest level of a theatre.
  18. A piece of paper that shows you have paid to go to a theatre.
  19. A person whose job is to remind actors what to say when they forget their words.
  20. A theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon).
  21. A theatrical presentation in which a dramatic performance consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment.
  22. Entertainment consisting of different short performances, such as singing, dancing or telling jokes.
  23. A toylike figure of a person or animal that is made to move by someone pulling strings or wires at a theatre performance.


  1. A booklet containing information about a particular production.
  2. Clothing worn by an actor on stage during a performance.
  3. To express approval by clapping hands.
  4. A ………… circle – the seats in the front part of the upper floor in a theatre.
  5. A short break between parts of a play; intermission.
  6. A screen, usually made of cloth, used to separate the stage from the auditorium.
  7. The large room in which theatrical performances are held.
  8. A ………… office – a place where you can buy tickets.
  9. A curtain ………… - The final appearance of the cast, at the end of the play, to receive the applause of the audience.
  10. A person who writes plays.
  11. Everything on stage (except props) used to represent the place at which action is occurring.
  12. A large group of musicians using many different musical instruments to play mostly classical music.
  13. A female person who performs a role in a play.
  14. A humorous play with a happy ending.
  15. A ………… room - a room in a theatre where people leave their coats.
  16. A lighting instrument used in a theatre to create a pool of light.
  17. A person who watches a performance or an event.
  18. The stage representation of an action or a story; a dramatic composition.
  19. A line of adjacent seats in a theatre.
  20. Opera ………… – an object that you look through so that you can see the actors more clearly.
  21. A call or demand (by continued applause) for a repetition or an extra performance.
  22. A passageway between seating areas in a theatre.
  23. The group or list of plays which a group of actors have prepared for performance.

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