Crossword Puzzle "In the City"

кроссворд о городе


1. A place where people stay when they are ill or injured.
2. A large open area with buildings around it.
3. A building where people can see collections of pictures, sculptures or other things.
4. A large building where people watch sports.
5. A large and important church.
6. Part of a road that goes over a river.
7. An open area with grass and a lot of trees.
8. A building where people watch plays.
9. A small restaurant where people can get cheap meals.
10. A place where children learn.
11. A road in a town or city with houses along it.


12. A large beautiful building where kings and queens live.
13. A large place where people can see wild animals.
14. A statue of an important person in a public place.
15. A building where tourists stay when they come to a city.
16. A building where people watch films.
17. A place where students study.
18. A very large shop that sells food and other things.
19. A large building with thick walls that protected people in the past from enemies.
20. A place where people keep their money.
21. A place where people can read or borrow books.

Answer Key: